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Australia is a huge country and some areas can have a lot more blokes than sheilas, or vice versa.

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DAVID LIPSON, PRESENTER: In a country where more than half of all marriages are arranged, India's dating scene is undergoing rapid change, with a growing number of young women turning to Smartphone apps to find Mr Right.

Local tech companies are getting involved, too, designing programs focusing on safety as well as compatibility. JAMES BENNETT: Shradda Trivedi is getting ready for a very modern Indian wedding. SHRADDA TRIVEDI: There's nothing special, he's just like me and that is special. JAMES BENNETT: But in this part of India, Shradda Trivedi and her path to marriage are unconventional.

JAMES BENNETT: Sachin Bhatia co-founded Truly Madly the app which brought this Shradda and Sushit together.

SACHIN BHATIA: We match you based on real compatibility versus just looks and location which is what, again, a lot of other apps are globally, globally do.(Music)We advertise men actually so a lot of advertising has women checking out men versus the other way round.

Then I felt that it is a fake app like other ones but later I realised it is good. JAMES BENNETT: The couple are part of a social and technological revolution. SUSHIL SHUKIA (translated): I think it's fine for everyone. There's also an array of home-grown start-ups targeting India's digitally savvy singles.