Dating during custody battle

Thus why I said it was a mystery as to why he doesn't answer her when he didn't make himself clear. It has been difficult for me since it was all going well till this started getting bitter and nasty.She is confused because she doesn't know if he is still interested or just stressed out over the divorce. It's just that I know you know how divorce feels and can understand what her boyfriend is going through. we talked about it often, until it got worse then he sort of closed up....I know it was getting ugly, as they were going thru the psych evaluations and such. The things is ,in an email he could of very well ended it and not of left me sort of pining. Just sad that what seemed so good turned out this way. I check her facebook page and she is constatly posting things on there about going thru a hard time.

I can understand from a never been married point of view how she feels with being left hanging. It does help to settle my mind and i appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. How long were you with your boyfriend when he was going thru his battle ? Hoping that after tomorrow his life/anxiety will settle down enough that he will want to come around again. I am going through a similar situation right now but my guy just started disappearing recently.

I know its alot of emotional stress, so I think you are right being that he does not have anything to give at this point. He took me on some dates, made dinner few times.his friends once.asked me to attend a weekend get away with him in the near future. Well..X decided to take him back to court for full custody of their son. Since all this was getting bitter.became more distant with me, Still would call.i knew he was stressed. We have only been dating a few months, so very new still. And his custody battle is just in the getting nasty phase.

And, if our relationship ever has a chance mostly likely after a custody battle would be ideal I was dating a recently divorced man for a few months. I kind of felt like he was no longer interested in me. He wrote me an email about the custody issues, whats going he is not handling it well.he needs time to figure things out and how to best handle whats going on. But I was also laid out on the kitchen floor in tears most of the time due to emotions. If you like the guy, and think he's worth it, then send the odd text saying you are thinking of him... It your call, because he's not set up to take on a girlfriend full time right now..... Nobody fresh out a divorce is set up to handle a new partner. If he wanted to totally end it i think he would of made it clear to me in his email. Our situation is also complicated by the fact that I have two kids who he was spending a good amount of time with and he was also feeling like he was neglecting his kids even though it wasn't his fault (his ex is keeping them from him as much as she can), but it was getting tough for him to be around my kids to the point that I think he doesn't like them anymore.

Said he is carrrying a heavy load on his mind and shoulders right now. Addressing a relationship seemed frivolous when the future of my kids were at stake.... I think he left the door open so to speak, but right now is not a good time to be starting a new least from the people i have talked with that have been in his shoes, thats what i havw gathered, Thanks gummybears for your responses. Right now I am not sure how to support him and I don't think he wants my support so I am giving him space but I am afraid like your situation he will eventually be gone for good because of the stress of it all.

I don't like that he has not contacted you in a month. I don't want you to ask him what is going on after a month because he may have thought he made himself clear that he could not have a relationship with you even though he didn't say that directly. I'm sorry but nobody is under that amount of stress that they can't pick up the phone and call. I didnt mind the email, since he wrote me often anyways, so that was not a suprise.


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