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Historical and comparative studies and theoretical linguistic research can be based on this documentation.

The IDS was conceived of by Mary Ritchie Key (University of California, Irvine) in the 1980s as a long-term cooperative project that will go on for the next generation or so and will involve linguists all over the world.

These advances have also brought with them challenges in adapting earlier IDS materials and assuring consistency and sustainability, considerably delaying the public launch of the new web site.

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The IDS is developed in cooperation and complementation with other research projects.

Throughout the world there are linguistic activities from establishing databases in universities and think-tanks to publishing grammar series and literacy materials, to individual projects such as dictionaries of single languages.

The IDS will provide the research tools necessary for expanding studies such as phonological theory, word formation, language change, lexical distribution, symbolism and onomatopoeia, language classification, and other ideas that have to do with history of people and migrations.

The IDS will serve not only as a synonym dictionary (or cross-linguistic thesaurus) but as an index to meaning and to cultures of various peoples around the earth.

In our polarized world, individual political or economic interests often stand behind (pseudo-) scientific studies.