Updating asp net web site

And if the Java Script that updates the text also updates the page's title to include the number of open work items the user can see the number of current open work items in the task bar when the browser is minimized.The remainder of this article shows how to implement such functionality using the ASP.We need some way for the page to contact the server and ask, "How many work items are open for the currently logged on user?

Furthermore, when getting the answer to this question we need to display it in the text in the upper left corner and update the page's title.

Last week's article, Retrieving Server-Side Data Using Web Services, showed how to efficiently communicate with the server from Java Script using the ASP. In short, you can create a Web service on the server and make it accessible from client-side script by decorating it with the that executes code every timeout number of milliseconds.

When she brings her browser back to the foreground the page has not been updated, it still reports that there are three open work items.

Granted, if she manually refreshes the screen at this time she'll see that there are now really five open work items, but she must remember to do this.

Last week's article, Building Interactive User Interfaces with Microsoft ASP.