Updating asp net web site

These areas are only updated if the value returned from the Web service is greater than or equal to zero.

(Recall that if the Web service is called by an anonymous user it returns a value of -1.

NET AJAX framework can efficiently and interactively retrieve data from the web server using the ASP.

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In that case we do not want to update the screen or title.) The code for the function's second input parameter from 30000 (30 seconds) to whatever value you prefer.

To see the screen and page title updates in action download the web application from the end of this article.

A complete, working demo is available for download at the end of this article. The download available at the end of this article includes a demo illustrating the concepts touched upon in this article.

The demo is a very simple data-driven web application that is designed to allow users to log on, see their open work items, and, once a work item has been completed, mark it as such. NET's Membership system to support user accounts; specifically, the , which defines the common look and feel - the text "Updating the Screen and Title Demo" at the top of the page, the "Home" and "Your Work Items" links along the left column, and the "Welcome back, Username" message in the upper right.

We need some way for the page to contact the server and ask, "How many work items are open for the currently logged on user?