Updating asp net web site

In a typical web application the number of open work items in the upper left corner would only be refreshed when the user performed a postback, manually refreshed the page, or visited a new page.Wouldn't it be nice if that count of open work items would interactively update as new work items assigned to the user entered the queue?When an employee logs onto the site he sees a hyperlink that lists the number of open work items in the upper left corner of every page, and clicking that link takes him to a page that lists the open work items in his queue.

There's also an area in the upper left corner that lists how many open work items there are for the current user.

It's circled in the above screen shot, and reads: "3 open work items." This text is actually a link, clicking it whisks the user to the at PM and she has three open work items.

Last week's article, Building Interactive User Interfaces with Microsoft ASP.

NET AJAX: Retrieving Server-Side Data Using Web Services, looked at how to create such Web services and how to call them from an ASP. With a sprinkle of Java Script, This functionality can be implemented to provide a user interface that periodically updates, presenting pertinent information to the user without the need for the user to refresh her browser.

And if the Java Script that updates the text also updates the page's title to include the number of open work items the user can see the number of current open work items in the task bar when the browser is minimized.