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They argued that out of 9 cases linked to the discrimination of LGBT people directly or through hate speech, only 1 case has been concluded by this institution.

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However, on December 12, 2012 The Alliance against Discrimination and Pro LGBT, two organizations that promote the rights of LGBT expressed their disappointment for what they called "the weak and unprofessional work done by the Commissioner Against Discrimination".

According to Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi, leaders of these organizations, the LGBT community "has lost its trust in the institution due to its slow work, raise of the deliberate bureaucratic impediments and its prolonged process of investigation without providing an explanation or an substantial argument".

Article 137 of the old Penal code promulgated under socialist Albania, Same-sex marriage or civil unions are not currently recognised in Albania.

Even though then Prime Minister Sali Berisha announced in July 2009 that he would support the recognitio civil marriages, the proposed anti-discrimination law, unanimously approved on 4 February 2010, never addressed same-sex marriage.

The LGBT organizations filed a collective complaint with the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination.