Intuition dating

In the case of two Sensing Types, the couple is (together and separately) incredibly logical, taking information as it is, and living in the present as opposed to spending the present moment worrying about other things—namely underlying meanings that others may think of.

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In addition, it’s helpful to physically stimulate the Sensing Types with activities such as massages and other physical forms of intimacy.

As can be expected, although couples with the same preference may occasionally experience conflict, a couple formed by individuals of each preference will have a harder time with communication and understanding.

In fact, with a mutual understanding and reverence for the other’s differences in perception, both individuals can provide a balance for one another and the relationship as a whole.

Understanding and listening to one another’s views can open the partner’s minds and teach them to be more sympathetic and considerate of other people’s opinions.

Getting Along with your Opposite Sensing or Intuitive Type Personality There are also techniques that each individual can employ in order to better understand and get along with their opposite personality type (or even their preference match).