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When these force choices, most minor and adult children will side with a bioparent vs.

a potential or legal stepparent, despite the latter being warm, friendly, trustworthy, and empathic. This may mute with time, shared experiences, learning and accepting stepfamily realities, and grieving progress.

he wants a restful vacation by the lake, and she wants to travel or backpack in the mountains.

It's also more likely that the older partner will die well before the younger mate, leaving her or him without a companion in old age.

The uncomfortable partner probably has significant psychological wounds - specially excessive shame and guilts.

Often divorce-related embarrassment comes from feeling that - no matter how justified - ending your marriage is a personal failure, and other people and/or God will scorn and reject you for breaking your vows.

This article for courting partners exists because sociologists estimate almost half of U. The wrong people are psychologically wounded, unaware, and in denial of this.