Dave and ethan college dating coaches rules on dating your friend ex

Considering your backgrounds in comedy, though, one can only wonder whether the ads were serious or an experiment you could use as show material. For each show, we like to interview students at the school before we arrive so we can customize a show specifically for them, based on their dating scene. Can you share any success stories students and young people have shared with you regarding their dating lives and how you guys have helped?

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The show started out with them impersonating the “typical freshman girl’s move-in week”, which was just so accurate. Just keep it light.” Ethan: “Yeah, you don’t wanna go too balls-to-the wall on the first date because then you have nothing to look forward to.” Dave: (sarcastically): “Maybe some making out, you know at the end.” Me: “…Okay, now for my second question.

From complaining about getting placed in the Towers instead of West Village, to “detrippling that b*tch” when placed in a triple, these guys know where it’s at! How about the guy that just doesn’t get dancing is different from dry humping? After the show, I decided to catch up with the men personally and ask them a few questions.

We’re looking forward to hearing about how things worked out.

We’ve also set up a few couples that have gotten engaged and one that’s already married! Aside from your comedic careers and your work as dating coaches, we understand that you two wear a few more hats. Dave does quite a bit of acting and has appeared on the Colbert Report and in various national commercials for Mc Donald’s, Ford, and Scope mouthwash.

The show began with Dave and Ethan introducing themselves and telling the crowd a little of how they got there.