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The show began with Dave and Ethan introducing themselves and telling the crowd a little of how they got there.

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Considering your backgrounds in comedy, though, one can only wonder whether the ads were serious or an experiment you could use as show material. For each show, we like to interview students at the school before we arrive so we can customize a show specifically for them, based on their dating scene. Can you share any success stories students and young people have shared with you regarding their dating lives and how you guys have helped?

If I’m someone coming to Dave and Ethan for dating advice, how do I know when the satire ends and the take-away lesson begins? We’ve actually had quite a few setup success stories.

Surely you receive tons of emails every day from people pursuing your advice and services, which is funny considering the shoe was once on the other foot, correct? Dave and I were hanging out one night when we had the bright idea to ask ladies on double dates. Fortunately, we were smart enough to know that online dating was the way of the future. We love performing for colleges because we think that college aged students have the most to benefit from our advice.

We shot a video in Dave’s living room, posted it on You Tube and advertised it on Craigslist. We didn’t have easy-to-use apps like Zoosk and Tinder at our disposal, so we had to make our own apps – more specifically, in the form of half-pathetic / half-charming videos on You Tube that we desperately broadcast to strangers. If we knew half the things we know about dating now when we were in college, we’d have been incredible pimps (in the figurative sense).

Six years ago, childhood friends and New York City natives Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixwell decided that the age-old “rules” of dating are only as real as our ability to poke fun at them.