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" and it is with this surreal ephiphany that i realize again what an indecipherable foreign language a dark bird sings and so i fly my freak flag high and croak my dirty dark bird song as all my dead cowboys line up in a flea market chorus line kicking high as i croon with a paint brush like the tony bennett of dark birds new artttttt a Flea Market Flag--- but for those that cant always clear the voices in their head for those that cant always pull out of their melancholy blues for those that just cant seem to get things right i think its worth noting that those are usually the folks that become the real heros in our world of perfect selfies afterall unless you are a longshot that no one sees coming how can you possibly be an inspiring hero?Horse Sense 24 x 30 oiillly on a bord yes Kat and I spent quite alot of time last week in northern Colorado around several bands of wild horses...Horse Sense---SOULD 45 x 65 oily on loose canvas after a big trip a couple weeks ago into Wild Horse Country im thinking of applying for citizenship Dark Bird Mandala 37 x 37 as the Crow Flys January 15 2018 Mesa---) all are around 24 inches tall suitable for all formal wear occasions Cowboys and Indians 11 x 14 oily on wood with a nice old frame Happy Holidays December 25 2017 In Process...(Happy Bear on Right is SOULD) December 18, 2017 Inside the Dark Bird Palace November 27, 2017 Dark Bird Font--- 43 x 62 oily on loose canvas i was lost in the desert with no water and no face i had no sense of place all directions pointed lost i couldnt see the future couldnt bear to look back and in the present the only thing i could think to do was to build a tall ladder out of this mess into the starry skies of hell yes oily on a nice 30 x 40 bord its about to get very interesting again after a summer of smashing my brains against walls taking turns down wrong roads and believing all sorts of lies and other silly mischief now ive found one true thing and from that comes the full on resurrection of my Dark Bird Palace State of Mind clik hear for a few more paintings from this week Guard Dawgs about 39 x 62 inches on loose canvas click hear 4 two other new ones! - so i sit in the lobby some think its my hobby ive spent so much time waiting around defending my ground ive completely forgot what i was looking for - so how bout this? im amused and distracted by the hummingbird wars the coyote howls the dark bird caws & late night growls i credit this with my general ambivalence about where i am who i am and where i am going as i look thru the eyes of the bardo hotel The Woods--- about 82 x 22 oily on a nice simply framed bord after a week at my new mountain home the deer stopped coming around at morning coffee later they told me my company was poor but it was my bad poetry that was the last straw - this morning even the hummingbirds stayed clear horror of horrors they said my breath smelled like chicken - so i tried to exercise my poetry blues away doing crazy jumping jacks in the woods which made me feel better but caused the great black squirrel panic of 2017 - and so im left with my one true poetry friend the much maligned but magnificant king of the forrest its just me and a fly under the clear blue sky - the only conclusion i can draw is that the fly loves my poetry or thinks im a kindred spirit at least as he offered me a first edition of his new book "Catcher of the House Fly" which i tell him is pure genius regrettably ive never seen the fly in public since then Guardians of the Multiverse--- about 29 x 62 oily on loose canvas Dark Bird cocks his head ruffles his feathers leans into the great CAW time and space shatter humanity pours forth like mixed candies from a smashed interstellar pinata raccoon sees dinner scurries over picks up the starshine sweets with child like fingers candy looks up asks dear Gawd is that you?

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i drove to Arizona to meet with the wisest of them all Bucky the Burro who told me hay buddy from one Jack Ass to another all you have to do is get up and do it again Febuary 16, 2015 im more pissed off this year than usual i have no idea why i dont know where it comes from and i dont really care you see i fight demons and if i cant find one i make them up and if i cant imagine someone who doesnt think i can do it i know im not looking hard enough because i know theyre out there and im ready for them any time they are clik hear four moore art Wild Horses---she says i sound nuts when i talk about secret codes in ancient texts that theres no mysterious meanings in these old dusty books so i nod my head and she smiles at my trivial pursuit but at nite i am very close to discovering where they buried the giant egg in the morning i wave smoldering sage around the room clearing out evil lingering bad memories and exorcising demons protecting her from it all she says its superstition just a myth and i couldnt agree more as i watch ghosts hover just over her head 24 x 36 on a good bord SOULD alot of folks ask what a Dark Bird like myself does when the flea market closes in the winter the answer is that i spend alot of time driving a Kat around looking for wild horses in the southwest not a bad job if you can get it Cadillac Ranch Dark Bird foto by Kat Livengood just outside of Amarillo Texass 2015 is the Year of the Dark Bird its going to be a big year one to remember so thanks for all who got off the main road and bought a piece of my work at the flea market in the past because the future is about to take flight this will be the year of the DARK BIRD Fertility Totem 20 x 80 mol on a good bord may this year be pregnant with possibilities exploding with cheap gas prices and booming with the sound of "who does this guy from north korea think he is pulling a movie from my metroplex!?!

" the year at the flea market was a good one and next year i plan on having a few surprices at the Dark Bird Palace for those that venture off the main road of life to a small flea market outside of santa fe just like i hope to offer a few surprise this year to those that visit my creaky prehistoric website that was born at the dawn of the innernet when no one really knew where this digital highway was heading (all roads lead to facebook and two other big box stores nowdays) so thank you for caring about art its a small world and theres no sense explaining why art is important to folks that dont understand that so a tip of my hat to those that smile back at that ;) if you havent already seen my new art this month you might wannna click and take a look as there are some great deals to be had on my end of the year art from this full time American Artist in Santa fe New Mexico who is undoubtedly the most famous flea market artist in the world Last Art of 2014 End of the Alley at 620 Canyon Road i love to build a good fire Kat loves to serve hot apple cider and in Santa fe on Christmas eve everyone gets out and walks up and down Canyon Road just to say merry Christmas have a happy new year so come by if your in the area ive got more art in my studio than a sensible clean nicely spaced gallery will ever have which sounds like ive moved the flea market to Canyon Road yes says Kat you certainly have adios til then Flower Giver--- 24 x 30 oily on a framed bord we all occasionally get bogged down in the daily grind it is part of the surreal deal although some seem to rise completely above it despite frequently seeming to float off like a balloon with a silly bunny on it but just beyond the bills past the daily drama over the hill from the seemingly unbearable truths we live with is the vague recollection many of us have that there is something just beyond this memory that is ok with us waiting for us the brave beings who lived in a world where there were no promises or easy answers just human beings doing the best they could and occasionally remembering that like the stars in the cosmos we are vast clik hear four lots of new art Mustangs of the Rising Moon by Kat Livengood On the Road racing around Montana on a red horse looking for that moment that sparkly moment when Kat puts a dream into a picture box gathering the reflected moon light just past midnight in the shape of mustangs, wild horses, feral equine & sky dogs its amazing how much you can see when its dark its amazing how much you dont sea in the light and wouldnt you know it most folks sleep when the light is best Winter Dark Birds--- i see a tiny shiny moment when everything changed in my life in the blink of an eye which is an amazing thing and a terrorfying thing all wrapped up together i suppose there are holy places where fate meets destiny and things can transform or "become" if we are ready for that moment so i will just leave you with the thought that one of the biggest things that happened in my life i never saw coming but i was ready for it and knew it when i saw it the rest as they say is history Dead Cowboy rides a Jack Ass--- oily on a good bord ive heard people say you cant be an artist if you paint and sell your own work at a flea market no one will take you serious no one will pay for your work and galleries will have no interest in you at all and that may be true but how i am viewed by my friends at the flea market and that small band of passionate art collectors who support my work is more important to me than all the gatekeepers in the world of art not to mention other artist who don't fight the good fight daily fierce desperation drove me to the flea market doing 1000s of paintings transformed me into a artist and looking deeply into myself forged the story that is mine alone at the Dark Bird Palace in my world i believe that without a war to win as an artist i would get no where comfort and a sense of ease serve the work of an artist poorly i am a soldier on the front lines of art which means i take all the bullets & verbal arrows as well as the spoils of victory and also acknowledge that all could be lost at any moment and so the painting "A Year of Work" speaks to my core work ethic which is desperate & relentless as well as my precarious perch which has created a ruthless pragmatism in my use of materials for art that also allows me to paint extravagantly & to continue to be the desert iconoclast who paints at a small flea market in high desert of New Mexico the Dark Bird Palace October 2014 he told me he left $30 in quarters in a pringles can by her bed when he was done he stole em back but the dirty whore chased him all the way back to his broke down truck but never forgit life is a comma its not a period its a comma and if you see an exclamation point just climb it like a celestial ladder straight into that ladies head that asked me what do you sell? i typed out my resignation right that moment right that moment i quit like a nail hammered straight thru to the other side like a comma in the middle of a sentence that cant stop won't stop I'm a run on sentence moving right on down the line straight to the dark bird diner where i ate crow for a month til i growed feathers and a beak like a fish before it climbed out of the water and flew off in a fit when it rained on the fish rained on a fish a fish hates to get wet hates rain never ever rain on a fish just like you never wanna whistle in the ear of a horse its not horse whistler its horse whispererer it sounds like bones blowing in the wind i got so many bones hanging in my shed when the wind blows it sounds like the sweet dead cowboy blues and its a comma not a period next time bring a folgers coffee can they dont tip over so easy clik hear for moore new art Autumn Dark Birds---- by my memory of Dark Birds thru my years at the flea market the sight of these outsiders hoping around watching out with one eye sizing up an apple core with the other by the scratchy sound of them talking to me when im alone at my Shed where on weekdays they feel safe from the crowds that dont understand them safe from too much attention out front of Dark Birds flying over the bold blue new mexico sky looking like a dark rip in the cosmos a portal into the animal cosmos where i find the dark bird inside of me the painter who found himself a home just outside of santa fe at a flea market which might as well be a million miles away from the tour buses downtown NEW ART NEWSLETTTTTTR TO MORROW SIGN UP HEAR FOR DARK BIRD NEWS Flea Market Table--- big oily approx 65 x 40 inchesesees of manna ya know i dont have a tatoo on me anywhere & i think im stuck in 1973 driving a 65 mustang thats running out of gas but all that feels modern compared to the flea market we are still in 1573 which is yesterdays news since yesterday i found a dark bird skeleton and instead of looking this darkbird rexus flea marketus in the mouth i put a saddle on it and flew it right to the edge of town where where i saw a long road of coronados conquistadors marching towards Wal Mart home of every day low prices for spray bottles & WD-40 to keep your self cool & flexible under that Don Quixote up metal armour suite just in case you go chasing any windmills gone rogue (somedays i just type and somedays i rite and sometimes i dont know what happens when i get behind the keyboard) clik hear 4 a couple more paintings Guitar Music---SOULD 24 x 30 oily multicrappia framed fleabilly my new painting grounded in the surreal real of the flea market doesnt really come close to explaining the daily dose of inexplicable beauty constant deja vu sudden epipthanies awful flashbacks and other strange coincidenses at the dark bird palace but its just a painting after all and maybe if im lucky it will help pay for the most real of all ...

a head with two beady eyes popped up out of my wood pile a squatter inside a squatters shack this land belongs to the reservation and i am an arkansas traveler my partner in crime a sneaky grey squirrel the ruts from the monsoon rains growing deeper into my memory rivers of gold now mud my footprints once prominent now blowing away in the winter winds letting go always beautiful dark bird melancholia Dark Birds and Wild Horses-- about 38 x 63 oily on loose canvas i saw a guy yesterday who told me he had 4 Thomas Kinkaides which prompted me to tell him that today is your lucky day i am here to relieve you of the burden of light today the full truth arrives in the form of a Dark Bird giving you a handle on both left and right he laughed and walked away happy with his copy of an original signed by the master of marketing the painter of blight Big Dawgs of the Desert--- about 40 x 60 inches on loose canvas in santa fe it appears we have left modern medicine far behind and now use only the shamanic healing techniques of ancient cultures where the average life expectancy was about 35 be gone narcissus fleawalker be gone from my shed thee offends my ears with your endless bullshit be gone narcissus flea walker your mouth is large your ears have disappeared be gone narcissus flea walker a mid life crisis in santa fe doesnt require a red corvette or a 25 year old spouse all that is required is a shamans license and a few tubes of acrylic paint to smoooosh around while energetically healing people the crazy lady told me the FBI placed tracking devices inside her tent and the CIA followed her everywhere with drones but the most bizarre part was that ive had the same exact experience when politcal correctness meets flea market dharma a dark bird chases the unicorn back back over its rainbow into a black hole where i can assure you there is no return Grizzly--- the flea at nite to paint under the new mexico moonlight sometimes i create sometimes i watch the poltergeists rise and sell on aisle A thru K boney fingers breaking thru gravel skulls breaching the desert crust a macabre market dances at night selling everything from a to z where Dona Tules runs a tent of ill repute skeleton whores giving fleshly pleasure to dead cowboys old Geronimo lurks hidden away they will never find him because no one comes here anymore Georgia Okeefe is painting flowers on aisle A such boring art i doubt she'll make it very far Buffalo Bill designs a stage coach robbery in the parking lot such a shame they lost all their money before they got past the front gate Jesus is sitting at a card table selling black market anti depressants to the indian ghosts Buddha is hawking life insurance to old people telling them to protect their worldly possessions Billy the Kid has a small tattered tent and is selling self help books on how to be a big success a conquistador zombie walks the front aisle telling everyone he's been stuck at this market since the spanish entrada when the indians shot him full of arrows its a haunted market at night time and in the day time we are all walking talking dead cowboys at a flea market ) a casino on aisle J thats been the rumor for years that the flea market was eventually going to be paved over with slots on the front blackjack on the back strip poker in the parking lot i always knew we were playing with a loaded dice and that the house always wins and in the end all you walk away with is your memories and maybe a hangover consider me gone im already a ghost from the good old days remember that weird guy at the flea market with that strange booth? the glory days gone years ago the wind rolls down the empty aisles and i see the ghost of departed vendors from years past all that is left for most of us is a place to be until the black jack begins ragged tarps blowing gently in the wind dust devils kick up in the parking lot and the sun shines brightly on the Sangre de Cristos and once again im reminded of the strange beauty of a dark vision Two Headed Bird Totem--- Dawgs 110 by 43 oily loose canvas that smell coming from atop the Dark Bird Palace undoubtedly the fresh skull i threw up there last week that has become more interesting with the monsoon rains more odiforus and mobile i hear pitter patter foot steps on the roof its a flea market garden of eden without the original sin up there a new species is being born inside the incubator of a dead goats head where frankenflea peers out of the goats eye sockets at the flea market like plato gazing out of his cave minus opposable thumbs at something it knows is sheer madness clik hear 4 new art In Progressssssss.....-- about 30 x 34 multicrappia on a wood door its too hot the relentless baking of what little brain i have left has forced me to consider taking my kat and moving to alaska where i can become an honorary eskimo and build the Dark Bird Igloo where i will paint ice bergs snow flakes santa claus and polar bears for the discerning arctic art collector Trickster Underworld--- about 35 x 60 a hawk flew into my shed and landed on the elk antlers staring at me until i lost my nerve & flew away it was hot 95 degrees to be exact so i moved into the shade listening to BB King singing in my head "the Thrill is Gone Baby…the Thrill is gone…" flea market dementia taking myself too serious like a Jack Ass who thinks hes a quarter horse ready to run for the roses but suddenly realizes no one else is training by trotting to the porta pottie 5 times a day in some social settings political correctness has reduced my vocabulary to shrugs thumbs up or thumbs down the occasional windmilling of my arms and my most valuable gesture the pointing into deep space when folks ask me about polyticks i am simple maker of pictures spreading burnt sienna raw umber warm yellows & making marks across my canvas call me a painter i will leave the label Artist for others to decide since i paint more like a cave man at Lascaux holding a torch in the cave i call the Dark Bird Palace looking for simple mysterious truths i am a modern primitive not by choice but because its really truly who i am Desert---SOULD oily on loose canvas about 60 x 40 july the 4th i here by announce my independence from cat videos and any click bait that says "this man made millions doing this" i confess to the crime of murdering art it was an act of passion but i ask for no leniency and sentence myself to a lifetime at a flea market where i will be rehabilitated and made fit for proper art in another life i staple my windows shut at the flea market old tarps make for elegant curtains and double as security from the felonious finches who wish to break inside and take selfies while posing on elk horns to post on finchbook quantum cowboy i am many things all at once you are currently watching flea market version 2.0 which is a distinct upgrade from when i was a door to door donut salesman in version 2.whocares in the last year i moved back inside my dream house where pictures flicker on my interior walls 24/7 while i lay on a couch drinking ginger ale and listening to the cool color of the moon who are these mysterious white dancing beings in my paintings? ) and turning everyone else into their John and yes they hope you come again Wild Wild Horse-- im not formally trained my use of color is simple my use of materials humble but i am a master of disaster a creator of chaos a disturber of the peace i flip tables to find out what was already on them because i believe in accidents the unplanned the spontaneous combustion of a firey imagination the discovery of the blues with paint afterall im not here to impress your head with my art im here to give you something you know 100% to be true in your heart Puma--SOULD oily 61 x 20 on a good bord Sometimes I feel like a carnie painting at the flea but I also feel like a strange animal when I'm away from the flea so i suppose its entirely possible im like the elephant that escapes the circus and rampages thru downtown while tipping over cars except its the other way around with me im the two headed darkbird with a beard whos fighting off a robin infestation while trying to escape town so i can get back to rampaging at the flea Red Dawg---SOULD about 36 x 62 inches on loose canvas im the worst carpenter youve ever seen the most disasterous of handy men the lamest of archeitects and im in charge of adding another 99 floors to the Dark Bird Palace straight up into the clouds and then i have to add a basement to hide important emergency supplies (paint, thinner, cans of beans and lots of giner ale) and then theres the pool the god forsaken pool everyone knows that adding a pool is nothing but trouble and you dont get your money back when you sell your house not to mention if i catch dark birds paddling around in my concrete pond like silly mallard ducks or worse yet if they pee in the freakn pool Desert Monsters--- about 34 x 63 oily on loose canvas art requires patience even for a painter who believes in trying to capture lightning in a bottle because sometimes you have to step away from the lightning strike for a day or a week to see clearly if that flash of brilliance burnt down the house or if it seared the mysterious shadow of art onto your lucky canvas ground March 7th 2016 foto by Kat Livengood i go a little bit bonkers maybe just plain nuts over the wintertime when i get nothing but cold turkey sandwich and a little shirley temple in a drinkie cup you see im an addict hooked on flea market smoke and mirrors razzamattazz three card monty & hong kong phooey but im always jonzing for aisle J trying to score making my play painting the day cuz ive tried the other juice hit the other joints its never the same & its not where i am when winter breaks i'll be dealing cards at the the Dark Bird Palace March 2016 Steady Bear Totem-- about 60 x 40 my big freakn winter sale is about to end (once i get back to the flea my pitiful desperation drops off) so join my newsletter or check my new art page to see if theres something that is not already SOULD (its slim pickns for slow pokes) CAWWWWWWWW Crow-- 37 x 63 oily on loose canvas thank gawd for nightmares three of the freakn worst I've had now do nothing but elicit warm fuzzy memories much like a strange beautiful flower that rises out of a giant stinking maggot infested cow turd so thank gawd she left me so i could meet the most beautiful woman in my life thank gawd the art galleries wouldnt touch me and i found the flea market thank gawd my house caught fire and i had to get the hell out of that place before something really really bad happened to me yes imagine if three of the worse things you could imagine happened to you within one year and as it turns out they were the best things that ever happened to you in your entire life Gato Shapeshifter-----SOULD about 33 x 21 oily on a wood bord we are the last humans not to have a computer in side us the last humans to drive our own car the last humans to read a map the last humans to hold a book in our hands the last humans to do manual work the last humans to die of natural causes the last humans to experience our world as a place of possibility and mystery i can honestly say im thrilled to be standing out doors in the elements on cold windy spring day at the flea market not knowing what the day holds but im not sure thats what the world wants anymore Sky Dawgs--- will begin this week with my upcoming newsletter where eye will show a boat load of new art and some older paintings that will be available for my sale this year if you havent joined my Dark Bird Gazette at the top of the page today might be the day to do it! am i destined to be a reborn neo lithic cave man who paints dark birds in dim caves with the help of a small torch? will i chase down jack rabbits for lunch in the near future? do i fear a more evolved cro magnon species arriving with ideas of progress from strange lands?


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