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SEVERSON: It was the calls to prayer from the mosque that started the first push back in Hamtramck, particularly from senior citizens.

There was hundreds of speakeasies, brothels, bars, you name it.

SEVERSON: The answer is one bar has been converted into a mosque, and that’s one of six mosques in the area.

SEVERSON: Almasmari first moved here from his home in Yemen six years ago. KOWALSKI: A lot of people felt that that was possibly the greatest day in Hamtramck’s history. ARCHBISHOP ALLEN VIGNERON: We expect everyone to show respect to our religious liberty. This is one of the great foundation stones of American life: the First Amendment, religious liberty. Joan Barrios and Twyla Meyer have lived most of their days in Hamtramck.

ALMASMARI: I was married to American citizen, lady. JOAN BARRIOS: Well, I think most of the people who talk against it are people who don’t know anything else. TWYLA MEYER: I think it’s more like talk behind closed doors. SEVERSONOne of the more worrisome issues here is the increasing number of mosques, like the one behind.

SEVERSON: Bashar has become a successful businessman who is exasperated with the attitude of some of his, as he says, fellow Americans.


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