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One point he stressed in particular: parents should pay more attention to helping their children and less attention to Facebook. Samir and his family arrived just a few months ago.

Samir Alrchdan spends much of the day with his seven kids escorting them to and from school. They are refugees who managed to escape the horror of Syria.

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Plus she works for the University of Michigan and owns a vintage clothing store that’s, well, also cool and funky. Hamtramck has a population of about 22,000, considerably smaller than it used to be. Hamtramck made the headlines in part because of the fear that exists in some parts of the country about Muslims, those among us and those who want to immigrate here.

It’s a town that grew up and almost died with the auto industry. MAYOR MAJEWSKI: I mean, we roll our eyes in Hamtramck when we hear that kind of talk.

In the 1970s, 90 percent of the population was Catholic and Polish. I mean, sure, people talk about it, but basically, you know, the issues, you know, within the city are: Great, we have a new council.

It was called “Little Warsaw.” Even today, some masses are delivered in Polish. Are they going to fix the potholes on my street, you know?

But then that’s the same thing about the bells, you know, if you live right next door to the bells you have a different opinion of them.