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Affection is super important to me, I love to hug, kiss and hold hands, that means even in public. Looking for a woman who has Am Oscar by name, a christian and honest person. Players will be unable to join matches on these titles via Battlelog browser (website) for 1 hour starting at UTC / AM PDT.

I'd definitely like to see this social platform in other titles, but I'm afraid there is no official word from EA yet. Battlelog is much better than Battlefield Companion.

NOTICE: DICE will be performing Battlelog back-end maintenance for #BF3, #BF4 and #BFHardline on Thursday, March 1 on #PC.

With warbonds, you can unlock certain types of weapons or gadgets in the customization screen or the soldier tab, after reaching a particular class rank.

NEWS: The official soundtrack for #BF1 Apocalypse is now available on @Sound Cloud to everybody.

I'm a creative person, hard working, sincere and cheerful.