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However, ABC News president Ben Sherwood indicated in an e-mail to staff that he would share news on Chang’s vacant position “[i]n the coming days.”I guess all there is to do is congratulate Elliott and wish him continued success in his career, although I am somewhat concerned how Miss Hannah Storm will take the news when she finds out she has been unceremoniously dumped by her on-air partner.

All that aside, word on the street is that Josh Elliott has successfully parlayed his live weekday , providing us with yet another instance of the interbreeding that all-too-frequently occurs within the walls the incestuous cabal known as the Disney-ABC Television Group. Elliott quickly rose through the ranks at The World Wide Leader In Sports, turning a role as a panelist on ABC News has not officially announced Elliott’s hiring.

I cannot get enough fresh air, farm to table meals, red wine or fast cars.

That led to speculation about the most prolific couple in motorsports.

Hanna went on to host Houston Astro postgame shows on television. She then went to Charlotte, North Carolina and worked as a weekend sports anchor on WCNC TV 36 in 1988.