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It has also enabled me to get rid of a lot of negative aspects of my life.” And most importantly, their wedding for which their fans have been waiting a lot. He said to Bombay Times, “We started dating when we were 23-24 years old.

People do tell us that we should get married as we have been together for long, but I want it to be at the right time so that we never have to look back — not that we will ever look back.” In fact, he further added and like a caring boyfriend, said, “I also want to get a nice house for her.

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In fact, how wonderful and sweet their love story is, can be deciphered from what Rithvik did on Asha’s last birthday.

He shared some of the most beautiful words for his lady-love along with a beautiful picture.

My anger was my biggest disadvantage, but she has helped me by being herself.

She has twice my temper.” Speaking of Asha’s temper, he remarked, “Oh yes, but she doesn’t take her anger out on anybody else; she vents it out on me and I am happy about that.

I am her cushion, her punching bag, and I want to be that for life.