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Of course, my insights are far from scientific, so the usual disclaimers about anecdotal evidence apply here.

So you're a kid currently growing up in a household with overbearing Asian parents, the sort that probably: I'll briefly talk about Options 1 and 2 and then spend the majority of this article on Option 3, which I feel is the only reasonable choice.

Even if your parents were part of the middle class back in their home country, their quality of life paled in comparison to the comfort and stability experienced by middle-class American families right after World War II.

A little history lesson: In the decades immediately following World War II, pretty much every Asian country was decimated by the war, still in the Stone Age, led by an oppressive dictator who jailed and killed people at will, or some grotesque combination of the three. Your American friends' parents were going on dates to drive-in movies, grabbing milkshakes at the local diner, dancing to Elvis music, and had no troubles finding employment in their teens and early twenties, regardless of whether they went to a good college (or any college at all, for that matter). No wonder they encourage their kids to go on dates, to have an active social life, and to just go to some college but doesn't matter if it's a top-notch one.

I think that Option 1 is the dumbest of the three, because the person most hurt by your rebellion is yourself.


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