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This web site has a fairly good explaination........ All dates are estimates, so even an "accurate" estimate is an estimate.

Without a detailed explanation, it is rather useless for most people. So when you are told you are pregnant and the baby is 10 weeks along you actually only conceived 8 weeks ago--confusing is it! Or, if accurate about 2 weeks from the first day of ur last period. Read more An 8-week ultrasound scan gives an accurate estimate of the dates.

Implantation is the process of the embryo attaching to the uterus, when implantation is successful then we say conception has occured. Between implantation / conception until positive pregnancy test patients usually have little to no symptoms. Symptoms begin A due date calculator is very helpful for your doctor, but is a source of confusion for most patients. When you are 8 weeks pregnant the baby is only 6 weeks old. Read more Get set up with your doc, they will probably do a scan to establish your due date, the go from there by subtracting 2 weeks from the gestational age.

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If your cycle is irregular or you've recently been on the pill, working out the date from your LMP probably won't work. If the scan date differs from your period dates, the scan date will be used.

The scan will usually show that your pregnancy is less far along than suggested by your LMP.

7th (plus or minus 3 days) and implantation of a fertilized egg/developing embryo into your uterus may have subsequently occurred about 7 to 10 d. Some bleeding will occur in about 25% of pregnancies, including normal pregnancies. Read more There are quite a few websites that can calculate this. As a result, the most sensitive HCG assays will detect early pregnancy 6-10 days after ovulation - with later implantation of the fertilized egg being associated with decreased likelihood of successful pregnancy outcome. Read more In terms of preganncy, an egg & sperm fertilize toform an embryo usually one day follwoing ovulation & then takes about 5 days to float back down the tube to implant in the uterus about 7 days after ovulatiuon.

Many think of it as 'sticking.' implantation in humans always occurs when the embryo is between 6-7 days old. So, the date estimate from the ultrasound scan is accurate enough. Read more If there was any spotting from implantation, it would mean fertilization (conception) happened about a week and a half before then.

Read more One common meaning refers to the process by which an embryo attaches to the uterus of a woman so that she is pregnant. If general, there is no need to look for an exact date of conception, because life is never exact, and women are having sex with only one husband or future-father-of-the-baby at a time.


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