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Some travellers find it persistent and bothersome, while others have little or no trouble with it at all.Many women compare Morocco favourably with Spain and other parts of southern Europe, but there is no doubt that, in general, harassment of tourists here is more persistent than it is in northern Europe or the English-speaking world.if you are in Australia If you are in Australia, prior to go to Morocco for the weeding, please:  -complete and sign the “Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage” Application in the presence of a person listed on the application  -obtain certified copies of your passport and your birth certificate as well as copies of your future spouse’s passport and birth certificate  -send the above mentioned documents plus the credit card charge form to the Australian Embassy in Paris by registered mail and we will send you the two attestations (in French) by standard mail to the address of your choice, either in Australia or in Morocco or in France.

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If you intend to get married in Morocco, the local authorities require you to obtain the following documents (they will be issued by the Embassy in French Language): 1/ an ‘’Attestation de non objection au Mariage’’ and 2/ an ‘’Attestation de nationalité’’ The Australian Embassy in Paris can issue these two above documents (in French) upon presentation of:  A signed and completed “Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage” Application - Certificat de coutume -  A certified copy of your passport (for the Australian citizen)  A certified copy of your birth certificate (for the Australian citizen)  A copy of your future spouse’s passport (for the non Australian citizen)  A copy of your future spouse’s birth certificate (for the non Australian citizen)  The appropriate fee payable in Euros, by credit card at the Embassy counter, or by credit card through the mail.

How to apply for the Certificat de Coutume and the Attestation de Nationalité (Documents which the Embassy will produced in French Language).

Though most people are religious, they are generally easy-going, and most young Moroccan women don’t wear a veil, though they may well wear a headscarf.

Nonetheless, you should try not to affront people’s religious beliefs, especially those of older, more conservative people, by, for example, wearing skimpy clothes, kissing and cuddling in public, or eating or smoking in the street during Ramadan.

Without a doubt, one of the major disappointments of travelling in Morocco if you are not Muslim is not being allowed into its mosques.


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