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Read Full Review This site appears to be getting bigger and better. When your bored you can just go find some decent people to talk to and chill out.- There are some very good people within the community, some regulars and a fair few newbies.- The moderators are brilliant in my opinion, they all have there "mess around" moments like everyone but there isn't an immature one I have chatted to.- The chat is so easily accessible and all it takes is for you to put in a nickname and you are ready to chat.- The chat allows some…

There are a lot of regular users who you will become life long friends with, even if it is just online. Read Full Review 321is brilliant, with a place for everyone.

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Most anything can be discussed, often constructively, and the community itself really builds up a lot of how great this series of chat sites are. I have been a member now for 5 years and I have never looked back.