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"Liam [Hemsworth] was there, and he seems like a very, very nice man, and my girlfriend, who actually works with Miley, was also there, so it was actually a lot stranger than it normally would be sort of making out with somebody on set," Zegers told MTV News.

"Normally they don't really know the people in your life, but Miley knows my girlfriend quite well actually, and I got to meet Liam.

Earlier in the day, the star posted a black and white picture of twin babies - one smiling happily and the other one bawling his eyes out over the message: 'You don't get lunch.

This week, stills from Miley Cyrus' latest video — for her song "Big Big Bang" made their way online.

In the photos, she's seen cavorting around downtown Los Angeles with actor Kevin Zegers.