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Also new insight is cast on CO2 processes in a living Earth. You are now ready to learn about global climate and the global warming fraud (large chapter). NOTE this page is best viewed in a window of normal page size.Begin your study of the environment at the Seafriends home page or our sitemap.

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Over the past two decades scientists gained a fair understanding of where all carbon is found and how much of it circulates between atmosphere, land and sea, although significant differences can be found among authors.

As one can see, the human contribution is about 8Pg carbon per year (8Gt, billions of tons) against a global respiration rate of about 100-250Pg/y (fossil fuel alone: 2%, some say 3%).

Note that Faure's estimate of terrestrial biomass today is 2300Gt C.

The relationship between ocean temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere is shown here, as graphed by Prof Lance Endersbee (, showing a near-linear relationship with little deviation from it (R=0.996, a measure of match).

Ocean acidification has become a major scare in the scientific literature and the media.