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Be sure to check out the HTC Touch HD wiki page, specifically the tweaking and applications pages. Thanks to you I have installed HD tweak and replaced the bigpond launcher (right softkey) with an opera launcher and I have just now installed Sing Thing's 15 tabs cab file. Perhaps try searching XDA-Developers and see if there's any one else there who has experienced the same glitch. So I do some searches, and apparently Telstra, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that I, a 30-something married mother of 2 children, may participate in something called "up skirting", and therefore I MUST have an embarrasingly loud noise on my camera phone, just so everybody knows what I'm trying to do.

About to install sushi's diamond TF3D thing to reorganise the tabs. Recently got my beautiful HD but am having trouble to remove/change the background of the Touch flo where it shows the Telstra logo on the bottom right corner – is there a way? edit: nevermind, found it in one of the threads Today I encountered a brand new problem (have I mentioned how I will NEVER buy a Telstra-branded phone again, no matter how much the actual device rocks?! Anyway, to cut a long story short (but hopefully this will help somebody else avoid the afternoon I've just had), there are 2 cab files over at xda-developers that will remove that shutter sound.

Tf3d weather not updating

" I tried with TF3D on and with it turned off but I got the error both times.

Is there some setting I've missed that you have done? To those who are considering the above, my advice, jump on in.

Under what category can I find the option to modify the home buttons to remove Bigpond? Hi Adrian There is no cost in activating the weather tab.

I can't seem to find it :) Has anyone successfully removed Bigpond from the right home key? The only cost would be through your data plan when updating the content; however, you can avoid this cost by updating the tab whenever you are connected to a wi-fi/wireless network or have the phone synced through a computer.

I was just wondering if you know how to remove the bar underneath the start bar which is opaque grey and has the telstra logo on the left and the 3G Telstra written on the right side? I had actually forgotten about them and not had an opportunity to install the fixes myself. But I digress...), which I thought I'd document here. I've just installed them and tested it, and while it still does that initial beep when you take a photo, at least that horrific shutter sound is now gone, yay!