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My husband brought the phone home last night and I spent about 10 minutes on it before announcing that he could take it back because I refused to have a Telstra-ised phone – but apparently that's how they are nowadays. Anyway, even though it's taken time to un-Telstra the phone, the PDF above helped make it all very simple so thanks : Hi Nicky Doesn't it feel so cathartic and refreshing to get rid of all the Hel$tra rubbish?!?!

There are lots of other applications and tweaks that you might be interested in to make your phone into a super phone (without having to flash the ROM. I would have assumed (as you did) that once you change the setting it would remain as you selected. People were starting to stare, so I left and went to sit in the car. I went into the Help file, where I'm told there is an option to turn the shutter sound off – but naturally, my TELSTRA phone doesn't have that option. Now after another hour of Googling, fiddling with the registry and using ALL of the aforementioned tweaks and tips, I still can't get rid of that shutter sound.

If I set it to digital it often changes back to analog but I want to enforce digital. So I whipped my trusty HTC Touch HD out and tried to take a photo of a cooktop – and with a VERY loud shutter sound and a few beeps, my photo was taken. I agree Telstra go to lengths to customise phones with their branding and often remove features that users want to have or use. Assuming you want the 26948339_manila file, I have this file stashed away. and be sure to check in on the HTC Touch HD wiki just an easy one I hope, I have installed the tweek program and the 15 tab program all working well, I just want to change the time format on the home screen you know the big ficking over numbers, it is cocing the heads of the phone on the home screen, also has any one had any probs with configering their message bank on a the telstra setting but using an optus network.

Cheers Chris Thanks so much for all the help Franwella. Not only that Telstra sells their phones at a higher RRP than other carriers and stores, all in the name of Next G. I will email it to the email address listed on your Whirlpool Users Page. Having said that though, have you tried the alternative of installing Singh Ting's 15 tabs and Sushi's Diamond TF3d Config ? Thanks in advance for your help, new to forum hope all makes sense I'm also keen to de-Telstra my 8285, but it's just not happening. Net Compact Framework .5Downloaded and installed Advanced Configuration 3.3 and downloaded the HTC splash image because its as good as any (for the time being).

Hello, Disappointly, Telstra have chosen to remove the super cool Weather and Stock tabs from their new HTC Touch HD's Touch Flo interface.