Tf3d weather not updating

Thanks to you I have installed HD tweak and replaced the bigpond launcher (right softkey) with an opera launcher and I have just now installed Sing Thing's 15 tabs cab file. Hi Kevman, I did everything you said ( except make backup #! it) , and I keep getting that scrolling message, Touchflow Launching, Tap here. Do you have the original file so I can restore it and try again? I followed Franwella's guide to the tee but after rebooting I still see the telstra and 3G telstra logo's on the top of my home screen.About to install sushi's diamond TF3D thing to reorganise the tabs. Perhaps its me and I just can't follow basic instructions. Any advice please Hi, I was trying to remove the Telstra splash screen at start up but have been unsuccessful.

Does anyone know if it's possible to add the these tabs back in? All they appear to have done is comment out the relevant xml in \windows\26948339_manila Take the comments out and change the page order numbers to where you want it. Comment out the other telstra/bigpond tabs if you don't want them. I've tried without success to edit the manila file using Resco Explorer 2008.

Or, is it possible to re-flash the device to the original HTC configuration? I've resorted to using the "Singh's Tings HTC TF3D 15 Tabs" just so I can get the weather tab but I don't want the Stock tab.

I still have the stock Telstra ROM of which I have made back up copies of important files – call me paranoid ;) Cheers As I had some difficulty with this I've added my experiences. It was dead easy, relatively quick (although I took it slow.

To edit the original 26948339_manila file I used Total Commander to remove the read only status and open it using Kev Man's instructions as above. I have never tinkered with my phones settings at this coding level before. Before, I liked it alot, but now it's just the way I want it! Normal, less paranoid people, could probably do it in half the time), and 100% effective.

NET upgrade or something, I'll work that out later).