Dating in cheltenham

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Moo Moos is not the sound a cow makes and Kukui isn't a Hawaiian island.

They are actually sweaty nightclubs full of underage teenagers and weirdly named cocktails - and don't even get us started on Fever. If we use the word 'lush', we're not talking about how green the grass looks or the cosmetics shop on the high street, but rather how amazing something is. Most of our childhood was spent in Montpellier or Beers.

If we take you to Moran's, we're showing you a great time. If we end up in Subtone, you know you're gonna have sticky shoes and a banging headache the next day. Going for drinks anywhere between Montpellier or the Bath Road means taking out a mortgage first.

Namely because their cakes are a thing of dreams.11.

When you try speed dating you are bound to enjoy yourself and you could well find that special someone too.