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A stylish wisp of a girl who adored punky "scene kid" fashion, Kiki began filling her My Space page with pouty photos of herself in heavy makeup and cropped tops, adopting a persona as brash and outrageous as the real Kirsten was awkward and insecure.

She named her creation "Kiki Kannibal," and her new and improved online self swiftly became an Internet celebrity.

A hard-working single mother and wife of a getaway driver who is about to be released is approached by an unassuming and gentle man, completely unaware though of his inscrutable and utterly impelling motives. He also does the majority of his acting without speaking - something one doesn't see a ton of in North American films, and for this I am grateful to the director and writer.

Olimpia Melinte is also very good and understated in her performance, standing up just fine to Carlos as she turns his world upside down.

And Kiki's public has responded in kind, expressing both its love and loathing without boundaries.