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Code: Current Shifts Plz,can any1 help me out Am developing a web app and after verifying the User's ID and password from the database,am using Forms Authentication. Text, True) to direct the user to the default Url page set in d web.config file. This is gonna drive us crazy vb Code: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Load Data List() End Sub Private Sub Load Data List() Dim obj DI As New IO. Using this card number: VISA 4111-1111-1111-1111 but don't have the expiration date or cvv number.

what is the difference between Register Startup Script and Register Client Script Block. App Settings["Connection String"]; When I try to build the app I am given a warning that Configuration Settings.

Generally each tabbed container is contained within an Update Panel. Whenever a user clicks an Update button, I go back to the server, check if they have permission to do the action they are doing and, if they don't return to the page and EITHER do this: Code: Script Manager. Get Type(), "Script1", "alert('You do not have permission to update this data.');", true); OR this: Code: Script Manager. Get Type(), "Script1", "alert('You do not have permission to update this data.');", true); My question is ... App Settings["Connection String"]; //string Connection String = Web Configuration Manager.

So far I have this: Code: This works fine opening in the same window (as I would expect) but I'm having trouble getting it to open in a new window!

I have other sites that have exactly the same references at the top of the page and they 'find' System. In my dataset the select command is Code: SELECT confirmationno, passenger, phone, email, vehiclerequested, datee, fromm, too, paymenttype, creditcard, remarks, chargesdetails, servtype, basicfee, meetandgreet, tolls, parking, accessfee, fuelsc, stops, other, gratuity, promo, total FROM sc WHERE (confirmationno LIKE '%' @confirmationno '%') I have a parameter name: @confirmationno in the object datasource Paramaeter confirmationno value=textbox1default value=1 when i execute it in SQL it works fine, but when i try to generate the report i get a blank page. thx I want to create an asp hyperlink that takes a value from a textbox on the page, adds it to the end of a url and opens it in a new window...

there is an Update Panel containing a tabbed container and nothing else.