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NET Pages CSS Layouts Style Sheets Frames Pages Importing Files Importing Adobe Photoshop Files Formatting Text How Expression Web 2 Formats Text Font Families Font Sizes Creating Hyperlinks Targeting Hyperlinks Hyperlink Parameters HTML Bookmarks Hyperlink Screen Tips Spell-Checking Configuring Page Properties General Tab Formatting Tab Advanced Tab Custom Tab Language Tab Using Code Snippets Configuring File Editors Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Making the Most of Code Snippets Chapter 8 Using Web Page Views Introduction to Page Views Working in Design View Visual Aids Formatting Marks Ruler and Grid Tracing Images Adjusting Page Size Working in Code View Customizing Code Formatting Quick Tag Tools Intelli Sense Context Menu Bookmarks Working in Split View Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Taking Advantage of Page Views Chapter 9 Using Tables and Layout Tables The Origin of Tables The Makeup of an HTML Table Tag The align Attribute The border Attribute The cellpadding Attribute The cellspacing Attribute The frame Attribute Rows, Columns, and Cells The colspan and rowspan Attributes Aligning Content in Cells Tables in Expression Web 2 Inserting Tables Customizing Tables Layout Tables and Cells Designing Layout with Tables Using the Layout Tables Task Pane Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Designing for Multiple Resolutions Using Tables Chapter 10 Using Frames Using Frames in Web Sites When to Use Frames When Not to Use Frames Creating Frames Pages Configuring Frames Splitting Frames Deleting Frames Creating Alternative Content Targeting Frames Adding and Configuring Inline Frames Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Tips for Frames Frame Borders Resizable Frames Breaking Out of a Frameset Chapter 11 Using Form Controls Understanding HTML Forms Using Form Controls in Expression Web 2Creating a Form Saving Form Results to a File or E-mail File Results Tab E-mail Results Tab Confirmation Page Tab Saved Fields Tab Saving Form Results to a Database Updating a Database with New Fields Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Hidden Form Fields Chapter 12 Editing Tag Properties An Introduction to Tag Properties Understanding the Tag Properties Task Pane Viewing Tag Properties with the Tag Properties Task Pane Setting Tag Attributes with the Tag Properties Task Pane Creating a Page Setting Tag Properties Using Events with the Tag Properties Task Pane Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Tag Properties and Web Standards Chapter 13 Using the Quick Tag Tools Introduction to the Quick Tag Tools Locating and Selecting Elements Using the Quick Tag Selector Editing Page Content Using the Quick Tag Editor Editing a Tag Removing a Tag Inserting HTML Wrapping a Tag Controlling Positioning Editing Tag Properties Troubleshooting Lagniappe: When to Use the Quick Tag Editor Chapter 14 Using Graphics and Multimedia Web Image Formats The GIF Format The JPEG Format The PNG Format Inserting Images Formatting Images Resizing Images Changing Picture Properties Converting Images Creating Image Thumbnails Configuring Auto Thumbnails Creating Image Maps Inserting Multimedia Inserting Flash Movies Inserting Silverlight Inserting Windows Media Page Transitions Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Serving Video Chapter 15 Configuring Page Editor Options Accessing Page Editor Options Exploring Page Editor Options The General Tab Auto Thumbnail Tab Default Fonts Tab Code Formatting Tab CSS Tab Color Coding Tab Authoring Tab Picture Tab Code Snippets Tab Ruler and Grid Tab Intelli Sense Tab Font Families Tab Lagniappe: Experiment to Learn More Chapter 16 Using Find and Replace An Introduction to Find and Replace Finding and Replacing Text Using Regular Expressions Finding Text Replacing Text Using HTML Rules in Find and Replace Finding and Replacing HTML Tags Saving Queries Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Editing and Removing Recent Searches Part IV Using CSS in Expression Web 2Chapter 17 Creating Style Sheets An Introduction to CSS The Purpose of CSS How CSS Is Applied to Web Pages External Style Sheets Embedded Style Sheets Inline Styles Formatting Content with CSS Positioning Content with CSSCSS Classes Basic Application of a CSS Class Applying Multiple CSS Classes Pseudo-Classes Pseudo-Elements Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Background Images Chapter 18 Managing CSS Styles Expression Web 2's CSS Tools Apply Styles Task Pane Manage Styles Task Pane Link Style Sheet Dialog CSS Properties Task Pane CSS Reports Style Builder Working with Styles Using the Manage Styles Task Pane Using the Apply Styles Task Pane Using the CSS Properties Task Pane Using the Style Builder Using the Attach Style Sheet and Link Style Sheet Dialogs CSS Reports Checking for CSS Errors Checking CSS Usage Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Arranging CSS Styles Part V Optimizing Your Web Site Chapter 19 Accessibility Features in Expression Web 2An Introduction to Accessibility Designing for Accessibility Accessible Hyperlinks Accessible Tables Accessible Frames Other Accessibility Considerations Using the Accessibility Checker Checking Accessibility Working with the Accessibility Task Pane Generating Accessibility Reports Lagniappe: Seeing Color Chapter 20 Designing for Compatibility A Brief History of Web Browsers What Is Browser Compatibility? NET Controls Understanding Control Properties An Overview of the Standard ASP.

Compatibility Features in Expression Web 2 Identifying Code Problems Marking Invalid Code Using Reports to Find Problems Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Don't Rely on Expression Web 2 to Enforce Standards Part VI Scripting, DHTML, and Other Dynamic Content Chapter 21 Using Dynamic Web Templates An Introduction to Dynamic Web Templates Creating a Dynamic Web Template Creating a Page Layout Adding Editable Regions Attaching a Dynamic Web Template Attaching to an Existing Page Attaching to a New Page Updating a Site with Dynamic Web Templates Modifying a Dynamic Web Template Modifying an Attached Page in Code View Managing Editable Regions Adding a New Editable Region Renaming an Existing Editable Region Resolving Mismatched Editable Regions Detaching a Dynamic Web Template Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Under the Hood Chapter 22 Using Interactive Buttons Overview of Interactive Buttons Inserting and Configuring Interactive Buttons The Button Tab The Font Tab The Image Tab Saving an Interactive Button Editing an Interactive Button Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Practical Uses for Interactive Buttons Chapter 23 Using Behaviors Understanding and Working with Behaviors Using the Behaviors Task Pane How Behaviors Work Adding Behaviors Within a Paragraph Expression Web 2 Behaviors The Call Script Behavior The Change Property Behavior The Change Property Restore Behavior The Check Browser Behavior The Check Plug-in Behavior The Go To URL Behavior The Jump Menu Behavior The Jump Menu Go Behavior The Open Browser Window Behavior The Play Sound Behavior The Popup Message Behavior The Preload Images Behavior The Set Text Behavior The Swap Image Behavior The Swap Image Restore Behavior Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Detecting Browsers Creating a Blank Page for Redirecting Editing the Check Browser Code Chapter 24 Client-side Scripting A History of Browser Scripting Java Script Basics Adding Java Script to a Web Page Linking to an External Script File Adding Inline Java Script The Document Object Model The window Object The document Object Writing Simple Scripts Showing and Hiding Page Elements Accessing and Changing Attributes Form Field Validation Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Debugging Chapter 25 Using Layers Introduction to Layers Inserting and Configuring Layers Adding Content to a Layer Resizing a Layer Creating and Working with Child Layers Positioning Layers Setting Layer Properties with Behaviors Setting the Visibility of Layers Adding Layer Interactivity Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Z-Order Anomalies Chapter 26 Creating VBA Macros Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic for Applications Understanding Modules, Class Modules, and User Forms Accessing Web Sites with VBA The Application Object Model The Web Object Model The Page Object Model Writing a Macro Creating the User Form Implementing the Functionality Finishing the Code Running the Macro When Something Goes Wrong-Debugging Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Protecting Macro Code Part VII ASP. NET Controls The Ad Rotator Control Creating a Simple Ad Rotator Page Creating the Advertisement File The Calendar Control Formatting the Calendar Control Calendar Control Properties The Wizard Control Wizard Steps Creating a Simple Wizard Making ASP.

NET and PHP Development in Expression Web 2Chapter 27 Using the Microsoft Expression Development Server Introduction to the Microsoft Expression Development Server How to Use the Microsoft Expression Development Server Limitations of the Microsoft Expression Development Server Process Identity No Remote Access No Support for ASP Pages Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Starting the Microsoft Expression Development Server from the Command Prompt Chapter 28 Using Standard ASP. NET Work for You Troubleshooting Lagniappe: Formatting with Styles Chapter 29 Using ASP.