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From going over “Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating” to guarding the heart, the author provides an outlook on dating as a biblical act rather than short infatuation.

His focus is looking at dating as something long-term and lasting rather than just a high school crush or fling.

Eric and Leslie Ludy are back again to tell their love story to a generation in a way that is both poignant and full of life lessons.

Despite the title, this is not a book telling teens not to date.

Instead, Joshua Harris reminds teens about what it's like to have a God perspective when they decide to date.

Waterbrook Press (A Division of Random House Inc), United States, 2001.

When you ve got your eye on someone special, it s easy to lose sight of other things that really matter to you-friends, family, schoolwork, goals and dreams.

It’s easy for teens to get caught up in the world of dating, it really is a big deal in any teenager's world.


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