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But until I find some techie who can set it up for me I cannot really say how good it is.I suspect that it's a good product but my technological limitations prevent me from finding this out..

Please follow this link to Tom Clabaugh's page, A light from our distant past.

Or go to the articles page to read the Shelby Globe,as donated by Tom Sutter, an old Shaggy Shelbian.

Brought to you by the Centennial Light Bulb Committee, a partnership of: Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, Livermore Heritage Guild, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Alicia, hace un tiempo que yo ni me imaginaba estar ahí, y ya fuí.

2016 saw the new display case finished below the bulb, and the constant work of the Firefighter crew. As in 2001, and 2011, the Centennial Light Bulb reached another milestone of 1,000,000 hours!


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    White skin only shows up in Europe 9,000 years ago, and at 11,000 years ago, Europeans look something like Middle Easterners, so maybe the Aryans were the original Europeans. Unfortunately, Hitler’s Nazi regime was roaming around in these parts searching for the original White man or original Aryan or whatever.

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