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After causing them to lose three games, Coach Cherkoff betrates Jane and punches Pitka in the Testicles. They confront her at her Church choir but she ends up scaring both Pitka and Darren out of the church with her harsh words.

He shakes his fist in slight pain from hitting the chastity belt but the contents of the belt are not protected causing Pitka to react instantly by groaning doubling over and clutching his crotch, Pitka moans and drops to the ground reacting in anguish. Pitka helps Darren realise that since his mother only showed him love when he succeeded he had grown to believe others like Prudence would only love him as long as he won.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Jane Bullard's father died and left her the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

They have not won a Stanley Cup since she took over so the city hates her.

Pitka gets two elephants to have sex in the middle of the rink, in front of millions of television audience, which distracts Le Cocq and helps Darren wake up from his stupor and score the winning goal.