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Meanwhile, Pitka is at the airport, on his way to the Oprah show.He sees the news on television and defies his agent by going to the game to help Darren, as well as show Jane (who manages to stand up to the angry crowd) his chastity belt.In the deleted scenes there is an alternate ending with Pitka and Jane having sex.

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Her star player, Darren Roanoke, the Tiger Woods of Hockey, has been playing poorly ever since his wife Prudence left him for a well endowed French Canadian, Jacques "Lè Cocq" Grandè, who plays for the rival Los Angeles Kings.

He has a tattoo on his abdomen that reads "The Legend" with an arrow pointing down.

Both Pitka and Chopra were taught by Guru Tugginmypudha.

Pitka at age 12 says he wants to become a Guru so that girls will love him, so Tugginmypudha puts a chastity belt with an elephant head codpiece on him until he can learn that loving himself is more important than being loved by others, he asks if he can still masturbate but is told he will go cross eyed like his mentor if he attempts to. Pitka's dream is to become the number #1 Guru and to get on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Next, Pitka tells Darren to write an apology note to Prudence.