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Canadian criminal law does now address internet sexual predators in various ways, but it might make sense to include acts like those alleged in Sweden under the heading of sexual assault, too, said St.

Germain.“It would have to be a courageous prosecutor and a courageous judge to find that, and I suspect it would wind its way up to the Supreme Court of Canada before it became a fait accompli,” she said.

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The same complaint of the defense making statements about the alleged victim’s credibility was made by the state Tuesday.

At that time Johnson instructed the court-appointed defense attorneys — Doug Stratton and Jason Doele — to abstain from further comments of that nature in front of the jury until it is found admissible in a separate hearing.

A man is on trial in Sweden charged with a novel crime: raping girls in Canada and two other foreign countries entirely over the internet, with no physical contact between him and the alleged victims.

Experts here call it a unique prosecution, one that challenges the definition of sexual assault and underscores how global connectivity has led to previously unheard-of crimes.

In my first four days with the phone, I either failed to find the scanner with my fingertip or – on the few occasions that I did successfully feel it out – failed to unlock the handset because I didn’t cover the entire sensor, so many times that I gave up trying altogether. Not only is it small and shallow, but it’s also positioned awkwardly high up on the phone’s rear panel, just a couple of millimetres away from the camera sensor.