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A man is on trial in Sweden charged with a novel crime: raping girls in Canada and two other foreign countries entirely over the internet, with no physical contact between him and the alleged victims.

Experts here call it a unique prosecution, one that challenges the definition of sexual assault and underscores how global connectivity has led to previously unheard-of crimes.

They're two of the most advanced smartphones ever created, and sit right at the top of the tree in terms of design and features. Despite being incredibly impressive, the phones have a handful of shortcomings that potential buyers need to consider before spending big.

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The same complaint of the defense making statements about the alleged victim’s credibility was made by the state Tuesday.

At that time Johnson instructed the court-appointed defense attorneys — Doug Stratton and Jason Doele — to abstain from further comments of that nature in front of the jury until it is found admissible in a separate hearing.

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Reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino greeted a juror at his racketeering trial by name outside a Manhattan courtroom — while surrounded by members of his “crew,” the woman revealed Thursday. 9 — told federal Judge Richard Sullivan that she was waiting for an elevator when Merlino spoke to her following the end of testimony Wednesday, according to an official transcript of their closed-door meeting in the judge’s robing room.

But while many people would have been terrified by the strictly forbidden interaction, the fearless New Yorker said she was merely struck by the brazenness of the reputed gangster. I’m saying ‘crew’ because I don’t know what else to say, his crew that was all over that side, I guess waiting for somebody to come out or something,” she said.