Magwitch is portrayed as an intimidating

Defining Magwitch in Great Expectations Great Expectations was written in the era of Queen Victoria; ironically a time of great progress and prosperity. The justice system was harsh, favouring the rich, two hundred men and women were put before the judge to be sentenced to death every week.

magwitch is portrayed as an intimidating-36

He resorts to cruelty by saying another convict is hiding with him and then he threatens to kill Pip, "I'll cut your throat".

When Magwitch is first described as a man "who had been soaked in water, and smothered in mood," we feel a little sympathy towards him because he is obviously in poor health.

He stresses that all Pip has as a memory of his parents and his five brothers is the inscriptions carved on the family gravestones which Pip imagines as their actual appearances.

Pip imagines his father as 'stout' with 'curly black hair', his mother 'freckled', and his five brothers being the shape of their 'lozenges' with 'their hands in their trousers-pockets.' This emotionally moves the reader, thereby creating sympathy for Pip right from the beginning, introducing the misery of the novel as a whole through the gloominess of the churchyard, the deathly tone preparing us for the theme of loss throughout the novel.

In the end credits, Valerie Hobson, who played Estella as an adult in David Lean's 1946 version of "Great Expectations", is credited as having played Biddy, a rather prominent character, in this 1934 version, but Biddy never appears at all.


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