Going about dating swedish men

From what I read, people aren't as outgoing in making friends or relationships. Their women are beautiful and liberated in every sense which is the best combination for any man.

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Now I realized that the man in the pictures had nothing to do with it and that I had fallen for a Nigerian fraud." While Sara may have only lost 2,000 kronor, some dignity, and a potential American husband, she is not the only person to have come in contact with a heartbreaking hoaxer.

Swedish dating site Happy Pancake has since warned users of the risks involved with online dating.

Sara, a 37-year-old woman from Gothenburg, thought she was in love with a US engineer based in New York.

After she came into contact with the smooth-talking man on popular Swedish dating site Happy Pancake, she fell head over heels for his sweet messages and constant emails.

When it comes to men, and contrary to popular belief, Swedish women have more morals compared to women in Western states.