Dating cheap boyfriend

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If this really bothers you, then you need to have a sit-down chat about it.

"Hun, the penny-counting is becoming annoying and I think is getting in the way of us really enjoying each other's company..." you just want everything to be paid for for you. you dont appreciate anything but only think about yourself. if you base everything on money, you are just all about posessions. If so it shouldnt matter how much more your bf makes than you.

But I've heard cheap ass ways are never a good sign. The fact that he makes significantly more than you shouldn't be an issue.

Women generally look for a man that makes significantly more than they do.

Sure, he earnt his money - but if he is earning far more than I am, it is telling if he feels that 10 dollars is something you should pay him back, if it is only a one off occurance of course.... It would be a different story, if you borrowed ten dollars off of him all the TIME - like, a couple of times per week...