Updating a tom tom gps

updating a tom tom gps-70

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For more information, read the FAQ: "How to charge a PRO 8270/8275 Update via micro SD card Updating a PRO 8270/8275 via micro SD card does not require an internet connection during the update process.

However, it is necessary to download the update as a packaged zip file via the Mobile Device Manager, store the file on a computer, and extract the content onto an empty and formatted micro SD card (minimum capacity 8 GB/max. When a new map or software version is available for a Tom Tom PRO 5350/7350, the items are automatically assigned to the device and can be updated in two different ways, depending on the device location and the availability of a stable internet connection.

Update via Wi-Fi When connected to a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi, it is possible to update a PRO 5350/7350 conveniently and cable-free, without using a computer or micro SD card.