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For more information, read the FAQ: "How to charge a PRO 8270/8275 Update via micro SD card Updating a PRO 8270/8275 via micro SD card does not require an internet connection during the update process.

However, it is necessary to download the update as a packaged zip file via the Mobile Device Manager, store the file on a computer, and extract the content onto an empty and formatted micro SD card (minimum capacity 8 GB/max. When a new map or software version is available for a Tom Tom PRO 5350/7350, the items are automatically assigned to the device and can be updated in two different ways, depending on the device location and the availability of a stable internet connection.

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Updating a tom tom gps

The process is the same for any model in Tom Tom's line up, and thankfully, it is much simpler than our last update was.

The relative ease with which you can update a Tom Tom's software can be attributed to the Tom Tom Home software, a one-stop shop for updating map data, grabbing new firmware, downloading custom voices, and syncing Map Share, and IQ Routes data.

Update a Tom Tom global positioning system navigation device by visiting the Tom Tom website, selecting the correct update program and following the instructions provided on the site.

Users can choose to update either through the My Drive Connect or Tom Tom Home applications.

Update via Wi-Fi When connected to a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi, it is possible to update a PRO 8270/8275 conveniently and cable-free, without using a computer or micro SD card.