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"You're wasting taxpayer money and you're wasting taxpayer time by not sitting down and doing things the Senate has already said they're willing to do …

That frustrates me."Ellmers responded to what she called Aiken's "theatrics," by saying the House had not just been voting on repeals."It is not Republicans who continuously talk about those votes being repeals, it is Democrats. It is not Republicans that have called these 55 votes repeals.

In a follow-up to her answers, Ellmers suggested that the ISIS ideology had already spread to the United States.

"As far as policing the world or the threat to the United States, we've already had a situation pop up in Oklahoma where a gentleman who identifies with the Muslim League has done a very heinous crime," she said.

"You would be in the House of Representatives if you were elected, and Nancy Pelosi would be the one that you would vote for for speaker – who would your boss while in Washington."Pelosi is the current House minority leader and former House speaker from California.