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Though merely speculative, these conjectures have revealed the existence of rustic regional dialect farces in Italy during the Middle Ages.

Professional companies then arose; these recruited unorganized strolling players, acrobats, street entertainers, and a few better-educated adventurers, and they experimented with forms suited to popular taste: vernacular dialects (the commedia erudita was in Latin, or in an Italian not easily comprehensible to the general public), plenty of comic action, and recognizable characters derived from the exaggeration or parody of regional or stock fictional types.

It was the actors who gave the commedia dell’arte its impulse and character, relying on their wits and capacity to create atmosphere and convey character with little scenery or costume.

The first date certainly associated with an Italian commedia dell’arte troupe is 1545.

This helped to keep a traditional continuity while allowing diversity.


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