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Then, wait until you receive an offer in your email box, and sign up at that time - and not a moment before.I highly recommend e Harmony for heterosexuals serious about finding a long-term relationship as long as they are aware of the drawbacks listed above.

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For this reason alone I suggest all singles sign up and fill out the questionnaire, even if they want to focus on other sites more aligned to their desires.

However quite a few people won't be able to use this site, much less want to pay the hefty fees (see below for membership costs).

Instead, the company does all of the matching for you, using a compatibility system they've created on their own, which in turn is based on numerous scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility.

Which, depending on how you look at it, can either be a good thing or a bad one.e Harmony's sign up process takes a long time as there are more than 400 questions - for me, it has consistently taken about an hour over the years.

Yet the results are astounding; the personality printouts all users receive whether or not you pay for the service are most definitely worth the time and trouble.