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But a few months later I met Julianna who I’m married to 15 years, and we didn’t have these issues, everything just clicked,” Abel says.

Abel ended up writing six books on the topic, including how he overcame the worst time in his life and became an expert on the topic of widowers.

“Well I was widowed when I was 26 years old, my wife took her own life.

“The kid can be angry at life that took her mom or dad away, angry at anyone who will disrupt what she still has with her mom or dad,” Dr. “It can get very territorial.” As for pictures around the house, a few is fine, but “if you built a shrine,” which Dr.

Schwartz has seen, you’re going to have some trouble finding love again.

Schwartz says, as some people get comfort talking about a loved one and want to share that big emotional part of their life.