I am dating a pothead

I lost all my high school friends after self-righteously refusing to smoke.

I preached at everyone until our friendships evaporated.

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That sounds ridiculous, but businesses whose employees pass drug tests get nice insurance breaks.

“We all smoke here,” admitted the flustered guitar store manager. ”Years later, I passed a drug test at New Orleans downtown public library with the aid of an orange drink called Vale, and then I began counting down six months of probationary days until the second test.

That same year, Kevin’s parents bought him a very nice car, which he crashed while skipping school and tripping on mushroom with his new drug buddies.

At the time, I felt depressed but also extremely right.

” Once, she got hold of a paperclip gooey with resin (which I’d used to unclog a pipe) and ruined her very cute pink onesie.