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And I thought that in my reading of it, I just didn’t feel that he was provoked in the right way to do all that.

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Real life was always more important than any two-bit ham who turned up, hit his mark and said his lines on cue.

After all, as he often pointed out, one of the biggest stars in the world was Rin Tin Tin, “and she was a four-legged bitch.” Acting wasn’t real work.

And all these gangsters are stricken with this terrible sense of duty and obligation, that they’re obliged to do these things, so that in the end they end up killing 25,000 people or themselves or both or mutilating themselves.

What was interesting to me was that the story deals with an American who goes over there to do a favor for an old friend.

The script was hyped as “ meets Bruce Lee.” It started a bidding war among the studios which eventually delivered a $325,000 payout to the brothers and their agent—though Leonard only made twenty percent of the take. However, Mitchum stipulated he did not want Aldrich as director—there was bad blood between the two. However, he had also directed the war movie ..Japan, Yakuza films are sort of B-movies, where these gangsters … if you took out soap operas on daily television and our B-gangster movies and mashed them together, you’d get a Yakuza film.


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