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The response of males was further investigated using a three-chamber social interaction assay in which the subject can interact directly with two stimulus animals.

Again, wt males spent more time interacting (sniffing and contacting) with receptive females, whereas the Sema7A ko males showed significant preference to interact with the male (Fig.

Overall, these data highlight adult neurogenesis as a hub for the integration of pheromonal and hormonal cues that control sex-specific responses in brain circuits., which include the investigation of and approach towards the opposite sex.

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(D) The habituation/dishabituation paradigm indicates that Sema7A ko males (black line) are able to discriminate habituation odours from dishabituation odours (n = 8; paired Student’s t-test, P = 0.0001), as observed in wt mice (grey line; n = 8; paired Student’s t-test, P = 0.014). S.) is evident between the dishabituation time-points of Sema7A ko and wt mice (unpaired Student’s t-test, P = 0.08).

(E) Odour detection threshold test shows that both Sema7A ko (black line) and wt mice (grey line) can detect odour (octanal) starting from 10 concentration (Sema7A ko, n = 7; paired Student’s t-test, P = 0.0004; wt, n = 8; paired Student’s t-test, P = 0.014).

The lack of defects in olfactory sensory perception in these animals is further supported by the lack of difference between ko versus wt males in the total time of sniffing of urinary scents (Suppl. Based on the altered (feminized) preference to opposite-sex cues observed in the Sema7A ko males, we evaluated adult neurogenesis in the OB of these animals. Moreover, unchanged rate of cell proliferation was observed in the SVZ-RMS of Sema7A ko, evaluated at two hours after a single Brd U pulse (Suppl. By contrast, the ko males exposed to stud-male pheromones showed increased survival of Brd U granule cells in the AOB (Fig.

The number of newborn cells was quantified 28 days after 5-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine (Brd U) injection in mice exposed for 1-week to either clean bedding or stud-male urine-soiled bedding, following a previously established experimental paradigm that allows to evaluate newborn cell survival in the AOB (Fig. The clean bedding condition revealed no statistically significant difference in the density of Brd U-positive cells in the AOB of ko versus wt males (Fig. Similarly, no difference was found in the main olfactory bulb (MOB; Suppl. 3D–F), without any change in the AOB granule cell layer (Gc L) volume (wt: 0.0421 ± 0.003 mm; unpaired Student’s t-test, P = 0.5).

This was done by exposing the mice to the airborne volatiles of familiar urine only, and after direct nasal-urine contact.