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Normalized values are expressed as the mean ratio between the time spent investigating the odour and the total sniffing time (odour plus oil). using non-social odour stimuli (i.e., acetophenone and octanal; Fig. These experiments did not show any significant impairment in the odour discrimination and olfactory sensory perception of Sema7A ko males (Fig. Overall, these data suggest that altered opposite sex-preference in Sema7A ko males is not attributable to a general reduction of either olfactory sensory perception or motivation to explore social stimuli, but rather can imply the involvement of the accessory olfactory system.

2D, E), suggesting that the alteration in sex-preference in Sema7A ko males is unlikely to depend on the main olfactory system. Similarly, no differences were found when considering the total time of individual interaction in the two groups of males (Suppl. Work by our and other laboratories has demonstrated that exposure to male chemosensory stimuli increases adult neurogenesis in female rodents, optimizing intersexual interaction. These data indicate that in the basal condition (absence of stud-male pheromones), a normal rate of newborn cell proliferation/survival occurs in the olfactory system of Sema7A ko males.

We found a strong decrease in circulating TST levels in Sema7A ko compared to wild-type (wt) mice (Fig. TST acts either directly, via binding to androgen receptor (Ar), or through its aromatization, by activating Er1 and Er2 oestrogen receptors.

Using real-time PCR, we found a significant reduction of Ar expression in the OB of the Sema7A ko mice (Fig.

(B) The same behaviours are observed during direct contact with the pheromonal source: the wt males and females and Sema7A ko females spend more time in contact with the opposite-sex odours (n = 8; Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test, P = 0.020 for wt males; P = 0.015 for wt females; P = 0.011 for ko females), while the Sema7A ko males do not show any preference (n = 8; Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test, P 0.05).


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