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The girl will pick it up.” Some guys aren’t content to take the chance.

Stories abound of women out driving, only to have a car pull up alongside, a window come down, and a cell phone thrown into their car. Saskia was driving home late one night when a dishdasha-clad driver actually cut her off, forcing her to pull over.

What I do understand from Babak is that Lebanese women are ‘high maintenance’. Local women, on the other hand, are not even allowed to chat on the telephone with a man outside the family. The music is good and the scene is ‘happening’, but it’s one big ‘pick up’ joint.

When my friend Khalil goes there, he gives away about a half dozen business cards. When I first came to Dubai, I heard from my friend Matt how local Arab men ‘meet’ Arab women. When they see a girl they like, they’ll drop a business card on the floor and walk away.

One of the biggest parties happened on Palm Island, a massive construction project of the government.

They are building entire islands that will feature dozens of resorts and planned communities.

Coprophilia is the abnormal interest and pleasure in faeces and defecation.