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Ambre lake dating bret michaels

I didn’t press charges against Heather, but I very well could have, and should have! Were you able to get closure with some of the other women at the reunion?

Well because of the fight, I missed the reunion between Bret and Ambre.

I guess he figured that if he chose me, he’d be picking someone who expressed interest in a real relationship, and if he chose Ambre, then she’d be a lot easier to not have a relationship with. I’m gonna say no comment, just because I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. Brad Pitt could probably hit on me at this point and I’d be like, ‘Wait, what? ’ You revealed so much of your family and relationship history on camera.

That just makes me sad, but at the same time, Bret and I have an awesome friendship now. Yeah, I feel like maybe everyone else knew it was a game, so they sort of played it and I didn’t know that. I thought I was on this show to really try to be in a relationship. ’ In an interview with VH1, you sort of implied that Bret may have tried to hook up with you after the show. But he’s a guy, and at the end of the day, he’s a rock star. In retrospect, do you feel like you were too honest?

Instead, the final VIP pass went to 37-year old Ambre Lake, a TV reporter and B-movie actress from Chicago who Michaels recently admitted he’s not in love with after all: “I found someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock 'n' roll,” he told the Associated Press after the season finale aired.