Ambre lake dating bret michaels

You and Heather [the 2nd runner up from Rock of Love 1] got into a huge physical fight and were escorted offstage by security.

[Click here to watch the altercation.] What happened?

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Since her time on the show, Oscar De La Hoya’s niece—yes, you read that right—has kept herself busy making club appearances and writing songs like “Pretty Messed Up” based on her experience on the show (visit her My Space page to check them out).

talked to De La Hoya about reconnecting with her family, how she’s parlaying her TV stint into a new career and what it’s like to get brutally rejected for the enjoyment of millions. What kind of feedback have you been getting since Rock of Love 2 wrapped? When I make my club appearances there are tons of people there, and it’s like, picture-picture-picture-picture-picture!

When he finally called my name, it was sort of shocking because he started out by saying all these really awesome things: That he loved me, that he cared about me, and that he wanted to be around me.

When he eliminated me after saying all that, I was just heartbroken.

Since picking Ambre over you, Brett’s implied in interviews that he’s not in love with the person he chose...


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