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director Mark Eland said: "The versatility of our new, 100,000 [pounds sterling] forming, spray saucing and coating line is enabling us to produce buffet ideas that are new exciting, different and very convenient.

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And several of the bars and restaurants Mercury favoured still stand: Fans can have a meal at Brasserie Bavaria, a drink at Funky Claude's, or stay at the Montreux Palace, where Mercury and the band spent many a night.

I stayed down the road/promenade from the palace at the Royal Plaza.

“Early on, in fact, he said that the best place for the studio would be at the bottom of the lake.” Montreux, apparently, was too quiet for the famously energetic Mercury.

“Back when Queen first got here, the town was tiny and there was absolutely nothing to do,” says Freestone.

I was charmed by both and upon arrival, drawn to the waterfront promenade for a stroll past the town's restaurants, hotels and historical Chillon Castle.