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The issue is caused by the current version of the driver installed for the AMD AHCI Compatible RAID controller - which blocks the detection.

Generally, hard disk controller drivers affect how special commands (for example the status detection) are transferred to the hard disks / SSDs and some drivers may offer less functions than others and may completely block such special commands.

On Page 2 we’ll show you the solution if you’ve already connected the XP hard drive to the target motherboard/system.

It is not possible to read or write data to/from disks. Googled the problem and found hundreds of forum threads about this issue, so I know it's a widespread problem after Windows 10 upgrades that has existed for over a year on a wide range of computers (Dells, HP, etc) and DVD brands.

I'm a GNU/Linux guy so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately 90% of the forum threads contain lots of people complaining about the problem and no definitive solutions.

My wife upgraded her computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

Prior to upgrading, her DVD/CD reader/writer worked fine. You can load and eject a disk but after closing the drive, it just times out without ever loading.

Do note this method won’t help if you’re trying to use the XP drive on an AHCI enabled target system.