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Amazingly, a large proportion of websites on the internet (including Microsoft) will tell you the only solution is to perform a Repair Install or even completely wipe your XP install with a format and re-install. You can firstly avoid this problem before moving XP to the new computer or motherboard if you know what to do, and secondly the problem is still fixable even after you have moved XP to the new hardware configuration. This is obviously the much more preferable method because it will stop you getting the problems after moving to the new hardware and requires the usage of no extra software.1. Click the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button.3.In Device Manager expand “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” by clicking the sign.4.After all these years since the release of Windows XP, it’s still not a straightforward task to move a Windows XP hard drive and partition to another computer without getting a blue screen.

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One feature that was useful in Windows versions prior to XP was you could simply take out a hard drive that has Windows installed and connect it up to another computer.

When it boots it up, it’ll start to detect and install all device drivers again.

Select “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller” and click Next.9. Now shutdown the computer, remove the hard drive and install it on another computer, or replace the old motherboard.

As you’ve probably worked out, this solution simply reverts the driver back to the standard Microsoft controller driver you would have on a clean install.

This problem is often simply due to the fact that the storage controller used by Windows XP requires a different driver depending on what type of hard drive controller is on the motherboard.