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The gun shot is followed by Bart offering to show her his ‘Big Gun’ and shortly after that, they’re banging.All the while we’re lead to believe that she is in fact just a girl with a thing for bad boys.Pourtant la violence n'en est parfois pas moindre et les similitudes, multiples.

tells the most classic of all noir stories – the ‘innocent’ and beautiful woman seduces some poor schmuck into carrying out her plan, and afterward, well, he’s just not needed anymore.

In this case, our sap is played by Antonio Sabato Jr., who for almost the entirety of the episode thinks that he’s in control.

The Sadie bar program is overseen by Giovanni Martinez, one of LA’s most innovative and highly-respected bartenders.

Sadie’s seasonal New Californian menu is overseen by Consulting Chef Mark Gold, the Executive Chef and owner of the acclaimed Eva in West Hollywood.

In the last several years, the Los Angeles cocktail community has seen an explosion in growth.