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After the confirmation, they were frequently seen in public as a couple back then.

The photos of their togetherness in public can be easily found on the internet.

Tyler confirmed their relationship to the public in several interviews, and frequently talked about his relationship with Rachele. The two were seen in public almost weekly when they were dating.

However, they were reported to have broken up in 2012 after two years of dating. After ending his relationship with Rachele Brooke Smith in 2012, Tyler began to date the American actress, Brittany Snow who is known for her role in the film “John Tucker Must Die”. In May, they confirmed their love-relationship status after photos when they were making out at Brittany’s birthday party were leaked.

He stated that he would never go against having a friend to kiss, just don’t force it.

Tyler’s role in Wolf Teen made him have a big fandom, who are mostly young women.

They started their relationship in January 2004 and separated in March of the same year.