Valentine day gift idea for dating couple

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Share a treat with your colleagues If you are an office goer, it would be a perfect idea to show your love to colleagues on this day. If cooking is not one of your strengths, you can buy a Valentine cake and unwrap it during lunch hour to share with your co-workers.

It will help you celebrate the occasion with those whom you work with all year long.

A beautiful Valentine's Day craft, made all by yourself, can serve as a great home decoration item or even a nice gift for a loved one.

You can use our Valentine's Day craft ideas to make some amazing crafts with materials easily available around the home. Is it too difficult for you to spare a couple of hours for others?

Be it your newspaper boy, your plumber, your doctor, your housemaid, the postman or the pizza delivery man - you can present each of them with a small token gift like a white rose or a little chocolate box.