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Since 1995 independent realization of more than 100 murals in fresco and dry, commissioned by both public and private clients, for a total extension of about 2000 square meters, including: the outdoor structure of a medieval monastery, a town hall, some facades in historic centres, and numerous interiors of villas, hotels, and cafes.

• My own painting also relies on the use of mineral materials suitable for fresco technique, adopting methods and recipes both ancient and contemporary.

1995-2000 Degree: Master’s Degree cum laude, Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy 1998 Diploma in Stone Working, Arezzo 1990-1995 Art Institute of Florence (Istituto Statale d’Arte di Firenze) 1995: Diploma in Applied Arts 1993: Diploma in Fine Arts In-depth knowledge of ancient wall painting techniques and organic supports, as described in the best-known art manuscripts.

Teaching since 2003 at Florence-based institutions (see Work Experience section of CV) • Wall paintings restorer since 2000 with participation in interventions of particular historic and artistic interest (again, see Work Experience).

Firenze • December 2008 Decoration of the Hall ceiling in a Grand Hotel Miravalle- San Miniato Pisa • July 2007 creation of large fresco in a village on Lake Como, Italy • July 2007: creation of two works with the “Buon fresco” technique in Taceno, near Lake Como, Italy • February 2007: creation of a fresco in the Florence Art Academy with my students • February 2006, Cow Parade, Italy.


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