Dating habits of the earthbound

Set in 1920’s New York City, this movie tells the story of idealistic young playwright David Shayne.Producer Julian Marx finally finds funding for the project from gangster Nick Valenti.

Dating habits of the earthbound

The commentary gets some of the details comically wrong (explaining the slap on a newborns back: they dont like the looks of the child so they beat it), but gets right the overall idea.

We follow Billy and Jenny from their meeting at a club, initial misunderstandings, his losing her phone number, finally connecting, walks on the beach, soulful talks, meeting each others parents, friends advice, and the gradual taking of the relationship to new levels.

David Hyde Pierce, playing an alien (credited as infinity-cubed in the opening credits), narrates a courtship in a late-20th century American city as an extraterrestrial nature documentary.

The relationship “footage” is played straight, while the voice-over (with its most often wildly inaccurate theories) and elaborate visual metaphors add comedy.

For example, in the US and Canada it would be perfectly acceptable for potential mates to touch their lips and exchange certain bodily fluids in public.