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We have monthly brunches along with regular Ladies Nights and you’re welcome to post if you just want to grab a coffee with a new face!Since most of us use our ovens a la Carrie Bradshaw (it’s extra wardrobe space, yeah?Uber is necessary, and the reassurance that you can always get home safely is priceless.

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) which begs the question – what were you even doing with your life before this little ray of sunshine came into it? Finding a decent place to live is one of the biggest challenges for new (and experienced) expats in Dubai, and Nestpick provides an alternative to THOSE frustrating accommodation websites.

Nestpick is useful for those looking for a mid to longterm lease on a furnished apartment, studio or shared apartment.

Their cleaning staff are all background checked (definitely a plus) and they have solid reviews. Anyone who has spent two minutes in Dubai knows what a nightmare taxi drivers can be.

In the off chance they do actually recognise the place you want to go to, they’ll take you on a detour to Karama before they drop you off.

The recruitment portal features jobs for every industry, as well as offering training courses and professional networking events.