Dubai expat dating sites

Ask to join if you’re looking for cool ladies to hang out with.

Whether you’re fresh off the boat and dying to make friends or you’ve been here years and just want to meet new people, you can find like-minded women in our private group.

Some countries are more liberal in their practices than others, while some are very traditional and conservative. Dating in Dubai is more or less similar to dating practices in other places.

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Platinum List isn’t just a guide to upcoming events in Dubai, it’s also a platform where you can buy and sell tickets securely.

You can get your seats at sports, exhibitions and music events or snag tickets to that party in the desert everyone’s talking about.

We’re too busy hurtling down Sheikh Zayed Road towards the next fancy brunch or elaborate club night, or working until the sun goes down.

Whether you can’t face cleaning up after a party or you’re looking for someone trustworthy to come regularly and keep your place sparkling, Helpling offer home cleaning from as little as 35 AED per hour.

Selling a vehicle in the UAE can be a nightmare, but Beep lets you sell your car in just 30 minutes. I’d love to hear what makes life here easier for you!


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