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Because you still have to be healthy for the next up coming rodeos without being banged up. Rodeo Chat: So have you started planning your summer run yet? Rodeo Chat: In your opinion, do you think Saddle Bronc riding is getting more recognition now then it did before? I Think slowly it is with the social media and televised coverage it’s starting to.

Question 5: What can you do to help keep the bareback riding industry alive and maybe help it grow further into mainstream? Fan Question From Pick A Rank One: Do you have a horse you have been bucked off that is on your list to conquer? Fan Question from Bobby Lehr: As far as the actual ride goes such as your mark out or lifting on the rein what did you find most challenging? Prolly lifting was the challenge from riding colts. With the Justin Granger Invitational just a few weeks away I thought I would shine the light on his traveling partner, Patrick Chee this week!

Kyle Charley: I love the outdoors, riding horses or breaking colts. How did bull riding inspire you to start Spur’s The Word Apparel? So your dad kind of started the line first, and you decided to carry it on down the line? Spur’s The Word Apparel: I went after a more modern look! It does get hard to manage multi-associations, you have to plan long in advanced, remember call in dates and times, and manage a good travel arrangement..

Fishing, hiking, leathercrafting belts I enjoy now as well. Spur’s The Word Apparel: Yes I rode for several years. I wanted to stay involved with rodeo and the motto was used by my dad growing up! Spur’s The Word Apparel: Well my dad originally sold the first Spur’s The Word Apparel shirt in the 80’s. It can get a little cumbersome and stressful indeed!

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