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Because you still have to be healthy for the next up coming rodeos without being banged up. Rodeo Chat: So have you started planning your summer run yet? Rodeo Chat: In your opinion, do you think Saddle Bronc riding is getting more recognition now then it did before? I Think slowly it is with the social media and televised coverage it’s starting to.

Question 5: What can you do to help keep the bareback riding industry alive and maybe help it grow further into mainstream? Fan Question From Pick A Rank One: Do you have a horse you have been bucked off that is on your list to conquer? Fan Question from Bobby Lehr: As far as the actual ride goes such as your mark out or lifting on the rein what did you find most challenging? Prolly lifting was the challenge from riding colts. With the Justin Granger Invitational just a few weeks away I thought I would shine the light on his traveling partner, Patrick Chee this week!

Practice your mindset, practice, your physical fitness, and always have FUN. Kyle Charley: My late friend Tom Kurowski Double K Diamond Photo and his wife Catherine K. Shout out to my mother as well and all the family and friends who show their support in believing me I can go on. What is the one thing you appreciate most about being a Cowboy? You also just announced a new bull rider on your team. Patrick Chee: I do have relatives that rodeo at the collegiate and professional levels (barrel racing, calf roping, team roping)..

Also – thank you for this interview hope it was enough, and I wish everyone safety and protection with god and follow your dreams. Kyle Charley: I love the fact is it’s a fun game and freedom and working hard at everyday in the country. Charley, what is your biggest Dream & where do you see yourself in 20 years? I loved bringing the boom in my days and gotta get it to those guys who rep! It’s nice when we can come together during the holidays and all get caught up, meanwhile we’re all chasing our individual dreams..

It’s a part of life that I grew up in being around cattle rodeos horses and the open ranges. Charley, If you were to describe yourself in one word what would that one word be? Kyle Charley: To make the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as a native american in the bareback. Also, have you had to change the ways you were marketing your line before you found out about your demographic to meet their standards? Rodeo Chat: You’re a Rodeo Cowboy that rides in several different assocs. Does it make it harder to reach that goal you’re trying for or is it easier?

20 year from now, helping others achieve their goals, being a sportsmed doc. Haden Roberts: While on the road what kind of budget are you on? Spur’s The Word Apparel: You know it’s really all over right now! Patrick Chee: The past 3 years I have focused on managing one association and that’s been with the PBR..

They have some secret to life that we will one day come to learn.