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I had a blast talking to Charley about his summer Rodeo run, and what it’s like being a first generation Bareback Rider in his family! Rodeo Chat: I’ve seen some pictures of you helping out at a couple of schools recently.

You can read my FULL interview with Kyle by scrolling below: Question 1: Out of all the roughstock events out there. Kyle Charley: I started with bulls, but then the excitement and challenges bareback has on your body is what I wanted. When did you start riding bulls, and when did you decide to hang up bulls and head to bareback riding scene? Ha ha Fan Question sent in from – Cowboy Coffee Chew: How old were you when you Bucked your first Bull and how did you get started? How important is to help out the up a coming guy’s?

It’s a part of life that I grew up in being around cattle rodeos horses and the open ranges. Charley, If you were to describe yourself in one word what would that one word be? Kyle Charley: To make the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as a native american in the bareback. Also, have you had to change the ways you were marketing your line before you found out about your demographic to meet their standards? Rodeo Chat: You’re a Rodeo Cowboy that rides in several different assocs. Does it make it harder to reach that goal you’re trying for or is it easier?